About Skid Row Recovery Gear

From the wide open spaces of the Australian Outback to the endless ocean beaches and mountain ranges, Skid Row Recovery Gear has developed a recovery product
designed specifically for the caravan, camper trailer and boat trailer market to
provide a no fuss, secure method of retrieving your van, trailer or boat when caught in difficult terrain covering sand, mud or snow. The Skid Row ‘Trailer Skid” is manufactured
from high grade polypropylene and carries a lifetime warranty.

Given the enthusiasm for taking off road caravans, camper trailers, boats and jet skis into wilderness destinations, it is inevitable that at some stage you may get caught in a difficult situation. Should you be faced with detaching whatever you are towing from
your tow vehicle, the trailer skid will allow you to retrieve it with minimum fuss for re-
attaching to the tow vehicle.

There are simple instructions for its use and a video link showing the skid in action in a variety of situations. Allowing for the economical price tag, the skid provides security and peace of mind when travelling alone in wilderness regions.

Safe travels and don’t worry Skid Row will “Get You Outta There”


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